Rules of Membership

Institutional Membership

Institutional members are independently administered primary centers consisting of hospitals, medical centers or research institutes, or a group of such centers which have developed an IBD‑related research program approved by the Clinical Alliance and administered by a Principal Investigator (a “PI”).

Procedure for Membership

To become a member- a membership application must be completed and includes the following information:

  • PI CV (NIH style), and a letter of intent indicating a willingness to participate in the Alliance
  • An estimate of the number of IBD patients treated at the institution
  • The number of IBD trials in the last 2 years and the number of patients enrolled in each trial
  • A description of the IBD clinical trial support staff
  • A description of the institution’s Human Studies review board.
  • In the case of several PIs at a single institution, there must be one member identified as the voting member.

The Chair and Co-Chair will review applications and approve qualified centers.

Procedure for Continuing Membership Status

Each institutional member shall be re-evaluated in Clinical Alliance activities by the chair and Co-Chair every 2 years. The number of IBD clinical trials in the last 2 years (including the title of the clinical study), included patients in each trial, and number of patients treated in each center should be updated.  If the voting member changes, a new PI must be identified as the voting member.